Calamity & Ruin - One Last Hurrah! This Saturday 2 - 6 @ Projekt 722

Come on down to Projekt 722 this Saturday from 2 - 6 and grill with Oh Nancy!  Calamity & Ruin is coming down so we're going to fire up the grill one last time. This time we encourage anyone who swings by to bring a grill item of their choosing and we'll cook it up.  The Grill Master welcomes all challenges! I'm bringing my Grandfather's loafers - apparently chef has a sauce for that. 

We hope to see you Saturday! - For now check out the the Busted Monument and said grill - we planted moss early in the month and it took! Mr. Wawrinofski certainly took advantage.

 Cara Despain's double-faced Preacher.

Chris Wawrinofski's grill leg with moss!

 The grill in all her glory.

Maggie Sullivan and the helmet torch.

Ms. Sullivans grill leg and monument additions. 

The Busted Monument 


Calamity & Ruin Opens!

Hot Dog Angel - Wrapper courtesy Courtney Moy

Brian Budak as our Nancy Scab takin' orders

Cold beer and call sheets.

The all important red & yellow stuff.

Cate Giordano knocking for service.

 Arthur, Marco and Chris debating the existence of an objective reality.

Two nice ladies and one skull in a basket.

Jeremiah telling of group of folks about the time he forgot his keys up in
 the International Space Station.

Brian Willmont scoping out the grill.

Chris Wawrinofski washing down his dog with Rhode Islands best.

Keeping the PBR chilled in the homemade cooler.

 Lined up at the window for snacks.

 Courtney Moy enjoying the festivities.

 Nancy getting an order from Mary Kate.

Hot Dog God crests.

 The grill warming up.

The grill warmed up.

The Busted Monument with candle light and Maggie Sullivan's colorful additions.

Mr. Budak rockin' it.

Special thanks to Brian Budak who played Nancy the grill master, and also to Courtney Moy for her wonderful wrappers.  Thanks guys!

Calamity & Ruin is up now @ Projekt 722 so go see it!


Calamity & Ruin @ Projekt 722 - March 9th!

   The Oh Nancy crew has landed in Brooklyn! Take a look at all the great work that can be seen at Projekt 722.  Calamity & Ruin will run through the month of March but I'd suggest coming out for the opening on the 9th at 6 PM - we got some special things planned like hot dogs, dudes in drag and coolers filled with the best shitty beer.  A proper tailgate Oh Nancy style.  If you're in town we hope to see you there!

 Arthur Henderson

 Fionn Mccabe

 Chris Wawrinofski

 Brian Willmont

 The Grill fired up.

 The grill with her legs on.

 Memorial Helmet

 Installing Fionn Mccabe, Katie James, me, Sam Gibbons and Summer Wheat & you can see Chris Wawrinofski through the window working on his contribution to the "Busted Monument."

 Installing Stacy Scibelli, Brian Willmont, and Chris Wawrinofski. 

 Mr. Wawrinofski making a toe - ya can't see from the picture but that's what he's doing. 

 Katie James

 Nate Wellman

 Matthew King

Sam Gibbons

Stacy Scibelli

Stephanie Goode

Summer Wheat

Michael Handley

A bit of signage for the gallery.